Someone has decided to beat the scooter speed record: they achieved it at 200 km/h with an electric motorcycle


Monza, the Italian temple of speed, has seen a new speed record. However, the new milestone is very far from that Juan Pablo Montoya aboard the McLaren in 2005 who set the bar at 372.6 km/h on the Italian track during practice for the Italian Grand Prix.

The new record could not be more antagonistic. Because, instead of an F1, a motorcycle has been used. Because, far from the huge single-seaters, a scooter has been chosen. And because, finally, far from the Colombian’s deafening V10, an electric mechanism has been chosen.

If a electric scooter has broken a new speed record at Monza.

If it seems unimpressive, we only have one thing to say: 198 km/h.

A record with a lot of history
Of course, scooter speed records are not the ones that attract the most attention, but the images of Alessandro Tartarini crouched down, looking for the most aerodynamic position possible, on one of his motorcycles, they are truly striking.