Velocifero presents RACE-X, OLIVER AND TENNIS at EICMA 2022

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At EICMA 2022, Velociferobrand created by Alessandro Tartarini, presented three new electric models. At the fair dedicated to the world of 2 wheels, the company presented RACE-X which is described as the first “streetfighter” to enter the electric motorcycle segment. Then we have OLIVER, an electric cargo scooter, designed to respond to requests from the logistics and last-mile delivery sector, and the TENNIS scooter, inspired by the Velocifero of the 90s. This model is offered both in the electric version and in the one with a 125 cc internal combustion engine.

In addition to all this, Velocifero has unveiled the new BEACH MAD Sport, the electric “bobber”, an evolution of the Beach Mad presented in 2018, which now stands out for a sportier look, greater power and autonomy. All Velocifero means are made in China.


Going into detail, the new RACE-X has a 5 kW electric motor with 220 Nm of torque and is capable of achieving one maximum speed of 120 km / h. The whole is powered by a 4.32 kWh battery capable of allowing a range of up to 115 km. The frame is made with light alloy elements. RACE-X adopts an upside down fork and a hydraulic monoshock. The technical equipment also includes a double disc brake on the front wheel with a diameter of 275 mm and rear of 225 mm. The wheels have a diameter of 17 inches at the front and 15 inches at the rear. The total weight is 126 kg.

RACE-X is equipped with a digital instrument cluster with a 5.5-inch screen from which 4 driving modes can also be selected: P, Eco, Sport and Sport +. This model will be available in the colors Yellow, Red, Black and will be produced starting from June 2023. Prices have not yet been announced.